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May 26th Thru September 3rd, 2018

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photo gallery

Tournament Format

snook gamefishSTAR’s format encourages sportsmen and sportswomen of all ages to protect and conserve Florida’s fishery resources for future viability and availability for all recreational anglers and to get on the water to have fun while fishing.

STAR will employ a catch and photograph format.

Participants must use a digital camera or a digital camera phone to photograph their tournament fish. Catch entries will be made via the STAR Smart device application or the STAR website.  It is not necessary to have a smart phone in order to participate.  A digital camera and the ability to enter your catch via the website will work just as well.

Coastal Conservation Association will not provide digital cameras or phones to any anglers. 

Registered STAR participants will be limited to only one entry per eligible species, per eligible division, per day for the duration of the tournament, except for the Conservation, Trash and Lionfish Division.

In all tournament divisions except Lionfish and certain species in the Conservation Division, each photo entered must include the entire fish on the official measuring device for length (consistent with STAR and FWC measurement guidelines for each tournament species). The Trash Division requires at least a 5 gallon bucket full of garbage to be eligible.

The Official Measuring device may be picked up from any Distribution Location at no cost. All Florida West Marine stores will have the devices. A complete listing of Distribution Locations can be found in the STAR Distribution Location section of the STAR website.  Official measuring devices will be available after May 20, 2017.

The weight of eligible fish will not be a factor in STAR.

All tournament photographs must have a date and time stamp.

The STAR measuring device must be in clear view so as to leave no doubt of the position of the fish across all the measurement markings, except for certain species in the Conservation, Trash and  Lionfish Division. Lionfish Division must have device clearly visible but fish do not need to be on device. Trash Division must have the device clearly in the photo with the garbage gathered. In the Conservation Division large fish and fish that have special handling requirements must have the device clearly visible in the photo for submission.

Photographs should be taken from above the center of the fish at maximum resolution, with the nose of the fish on the zero line and must be taken while the fish is alive and in releasable condition, with the exceptions of Cobia, Dolphin, Kingfish and Lionfish.

The STAR Committee acknowledges the challenges inherent in photographing all species of fish in this manner but encourages all tournament participants to handle all fish with as much care as possible.

For the Conservation Division, anglers are required to follow all FWC rules in handling, photographing, and releasing all species of fish. STAR emphasizes the importance of following FWC rules, especially those pertaining to the handling of all billfish, goliath grouper, Tarpon and any species that require special FWC handling rules and regulations. For example, sailfish and goliath grouper should not be removed from the water and must be photographed in the water. In the case of these species and others such as Tarpon or very large fish just have a picture with the official STAR measuring device in the photo.

Lionfish entries may have all fish harvested included clearly in an entry photo with the official STAR measuring device included in the photo. Lionfish is the only division that may have multiple photo entries in one day and the winners of the Lionfish Division may also win in another division.

For all Trash Division entries to be eleigible the official measuring device must be clearly visible in the photo and must have at least a 5 gallon bucket full of garbage. Larger amounts of trash are allowed and  large debris should be entered with the longitude and  latitude provided so that CCA may have the debris removed.  Multiple daily entries are permitted.

Photos must not be resized, edited, or cropped prior to electronic transmission to the Tournament Director or Committee. Any digital modification, manipulation of a fish, picture, time, or date will be grounds for disqualification of the fish entry and the angler. The tournament committee will employ efficient and accurate technology to upload all qualified tournament entry photographs to the STAR database.

Entries will be reviewed by the committee for verification and authenticity. STAR committee members may request a digital image of the complete measuring device without the fish. The final determination of entry eligibility will be made by the tournament committee. Once an entry is received, the tournament angler will be provided a receipt email within 48 hours of the entry.

Tournament Monitoring and Award Protocols:

All eligible entries for each tournament division will be maintained by the Tournament Director, who will maintain a database to record all relevant angler data for the duration of the tournament.  All photographs will become the property of CCA Florida and STAR for use at their sole discretion for any purpose, with the implied consent of each participant.  At the end of the tournament, each qualified entry in each division (except for the STAR-Tagged Redfish division, Conservation Division, Lionfish Division and the Guides Division) will be eligible for a drawing for prizes.  Winners will be announced after the tournament has concluded and winners have been verified. All prizes will be awarded at the STAR banquet .  Banquet is October 21, 2017 at the Lake Eva Event Center in Haines City.
STAR Measuring Device Pickup

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Contact STAR

Andrea Gillespie

STAR Tournament Assistant
Coastal Conservation Association Florida
P.O. Box 568886
Orlando, FL 32856
Tel: (352) 949-6890

Leiza Fitzgerald

STAR Tournament Director
Coastal Conservation Association Florida
P.O. Box 568886
Orlando, FL 32856
Tel: (352) 665-4868

For any issues with registration, membership or STAR app call:

(844) 387-7827